OmniLabel Challenge 2023

In conjunction with our Workshop at CVPR 2023, we are hosting a challenge with the OmniLabel dataset.

OmniLabel benchmark: Novel dataset with complex, free-form text descriptions of objects. Checkout our paper for details

Train on public datasets and evaluate on our benchmark! We define three tracks to compete based on the allowed training data.

Test set and validation sets are available (v0.1.3). Use our evaluation server to participate in the challenge. Use our our toolkit to evaluate on the validation set by yourself.

A prize money of $10,000 will be distributed among the participants of the challenge!


Below are the results of each track. Congratulations to all participants. The first three places in each of the track will receive a share of the $10000 prize money. Detauls about the competition will follow soon ...

Track A


Track B


Track C